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Organic Pies

   Our u-pick season is over for the year, THANKS FOR COMING THIS YEAR.....

Welcome to Blueberry Ridge Farm

in Sherwood, Oregon.  We are a

family run farm that has been

growing organic blueberries since

1983.  Part of what makes us

different from other farms is that we

have complete quality control over

every stage of processing. Through

the years, Blueberry Ridge Farm 

has become a leader in the field of

organic blueberries. Here are some

of our handmade products created

with local ingredients. We have our

made from scratch organic blue-

berry pies. Our dehydrated organic

blueberries dried at the farm with no

added sugars, preservatives or oils. Also, make sure to try our blueberry clusters consisting of our organic dried blueberries and dark chocolate. We'd like to share our organic products from our farm to your table.

U-Pick Season.

Kosher too.

Blueberry Ridge Farm | 19711 SW Conzelmann Road Sherwood OR 97140 us | +1.5036255178

Pick up tomorrow.

Simply the best.


Dried Blueberries