Organic Dried Blueberries

Our organic dehydrated blueberries are dried at a low temperature to retain all of the valuable nutrients. This is different from how other processors dry their fruit. When the fruit is dried at a high temperature, the healthy enzymes are destroyed. Blueberry Ridge Farm’s organic dried blueberries are not infused with sugar or fruit juices, oils, sulfur or preservatives. We keep them 100% NATURAL. The best way to store these dried organic blueberries is to place them in a cool dark area. Most dehydrated blueberries can be stored for 1 year at 55°F, 6 months at 70°F.


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Frozen Products

We leave the blueberries on the bushes longer, letting them fully ripen for a full flavor. The Organic blueberries are washed, blast frozen and stored in the freezer within 10 hours of harvest to maintain their nutritional value.

Candy  Products

Blueberry Ridge Farm created Blueberry Clusters containing our organic dehydrated blueberries infused with Kosher Clear Creek distillery brandy and covered in a layer of dark chocolate with a touch of sea salt. Enjoy our handmade Blueberry Clusters with dark chocolate from our farm to your table.

Pie Products

Our story began years ago when our families shared pie recipes handed down from many generations.  We craft the pies at Blueberry Ridge farm using harvested certified Organic blueberries in our commercial kitchen. Our pies are made with all organic ingredients. Blueberry Ridge Farm’s organic pies contain no preservatives, artificial flavors or chemical additives. All our frozen Organic pies are made by hand from our farm to your table ready for you to bake now or place in your freezer for a later date.